October 30, 2018

Walker Maternity

“Out of thin air, you appeared in my life
Like a burst of technicolor in a world of black and white
When my heart was locked inside a box, you reached inside
And now I see my future when I look into your eyes
I see it, I see it
I swear I do
I see extraordinary magic in you”
-Ben Rector
I recently asked Lynzey if there has been a song that has stood out to her during her pregnancy or has been on repeat in this season, and Lynzey replied with “Extraordinary Magic” by Ben Rector. I had never heard of it, but I looked it up immediately. I have listened to it everyday since. There is something incredibly sweet about these lyrics that has caught me in all the feels. I cannot stop listening to it. As a mama longing to see her sweet baby’s face, I’m sure this song resonates with a lot of hope and sweet expectation for Lynzey & Chase. Baby Walker, you are so loved already, and we cannot wait to meet you!