November 2, 2018

Lonneman Anniversary

“Well I’ll be your rainy day lover
Whenever the sunny days end
And whatever the weather, we have each other
And that’s how the story will end…”

I have not met a more lovey and lovely couple than Zach & Lauren. They are genuine, sweet, and playful. I was so privileged to get to take their photos around one of the most beautiful spots in St. Louis–Art Hill– and you guys, it was STUNNING. Fall in the Lou is unbelievable- the most gorgeous shades of red and orange next to all of the white architecture of the art museum is breathtaking! We couldn’t stop taking photos- with the beauty of the architecture, the hint of fall in the leaves, and these two made it hard to put my camera down! Love you Lonneman’s!! Happy (almost) 2nd year Anniversary!