March 11, 2019

Jourden & Mike

Meet Jourden & Mike!

In September of 2017, Jourden made a visit from Indianapolis to E. St. Louis to celebrate with friends their church plant of 1 year, and Mike just so happened to attend the same church. Following the celebration, they also just so happened to sit next to each other at the same table during lunch. Jourden said “I thought he was sooo attractive!” They introduced themselves to one another, found they had so many similarities and similar stories, but didn’t actually see each other again until the end of year in December! They reconnected at a retreat during that time, but again a few months passed until they saw or heard from one another.

In March of 2018, Mike reached out to Jourden and asked her on a date! Annnndddd the rest is history!

Jourden & Mike, you are a lovely, kind, beautiful, and wonderful couple. I can’t wait to celebrate with you two next MONTH!! Let the celebrating begin!